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Russell_GammonTours with Russel Gammon

Russell Gammon traces his ancestry in Zimbabwe back three generations to John Meikle, a Scot, who entered the country as a transport rider for the first time in 1892.

Russell’s passion for natural science combined with a love of the outdoors lead to a career as a Professional Guide and for over 20 years he has been leading canoeing and walking safaris throughout Southern Africa as well as Extended Safaris visiting destinations as far flung and varied as Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Kenya and the Seychelles.

His family’s prominent position in the formative years of his country inspired a fascination with Africa’s history and over time Russell has developed a keen understanding of past events as well great insight into how they have shaped the culture and lives of the people of Africa. He has also made a detailed study of the life of the Victorian Explorer David Livingstone, who is a distant relative by marriage.

This research included accompanying an Expedition lead by the British Explorer Sir Ranulf Fiennes that retraced a portion of Livingstone’s journey to Victoria Falls for the 150 year Centenary.

During his career Russell has built an outstanding reputation as a Guide and Master Story Teller and his presentations on The Life of David Livingstone is highly acclaimed. His “Mists of Time” Tour is a “tour de force” of the heroes and villains that have shaped the destiny of this continent that is both fascinating and highly entertaining.

His clients, in the past, have included DaimlerChrysler, Ford Australia, Toyota and World Presidents Organization and he has also worked with National Geographic, BBC and SABC on various projects.

He currently lives in Victoria Falls with his wife, Leanne who is a talented Artist and their two children, Tana and Ross.