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The Mists of Time

Traditionally, Africans have revered good stories and storytellers, as have most past and present peoples around the world who are rooted in oral cultures and traditions.

The Oral Histories of Africa are rich and varied, developing with the beginnings of African cultures, and they remain living traditions that continue to evolve and flourish today.

The “Mists of Time” African Heritage Tour is a half day tour that tells the story of Africa’s Past so that our guests understand the Present and gain an insight into the Future. They are a tour-de-force of the lives of the heroes and villains that have shaped the destiny of this great continent.

We begin with an introduction that will describe the setting in which African culture developed and then move on to visit a traditional African Homestead. There we will meet our hosts who will show us around their home and describe the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Africa.

After the village we visit the Victoria Falls; hear the story of the Great Explorers and trace the impact that their journeys would have on the future of Africa. The “Mists of Time” tour is both entertaining and educational and will leave you with wonderful memories and a deep appreciation of the resilience of spirit of the people of Africa, who make up the rich tapestry of life on the continent.

It is an experience which every visitor to Africa would benefit from and is a “must” to include on the itinerary of anyone visiting the Victoria Falls area.

Private Tours are available on request and can be run in Half Day or Full Day format and customized to suit special interest groups.

All tours are conducted by Russell Gammon a fourth generation African of Scottish descent.