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“I would like to thank you both for the phenomenal on-site assistance. I would have been lost without you two. Thank you for keeping track of all the changes Kylie and to Munya for always making sure everyone was accounted for, we could not have asked for any better. You two are incredible and your professionalism was out of this world. Working with you was such a pleasure and I look forward to working with you in the future. Will you please extend our gratitude to the hotel? They were absolutely fantastic and jumped at every opportunity to help. I was completely blown away when the entire hotel team went looking for a roulette ball. They executed everything seamlessly and they went out of the way to assist us.”
Melanie – November 2017

“On behalf of the entire team we would like to send our biggest and warmest thank you to each and every one of you for really showing our guests the most fabulous, well-organised, engaging, beautiful, delicious, entertaining and memorable event.
Between all crews you pulled out all of the stops – and the thanks and congratulations from our franchise channel has not stopped since we landed back home. The attention to detail and smooth running was noticed and o’ so appreciated – the ‘not-a-prob’ attitude was evident in everything that you handled with your smiles and assistance throughout the week.
I’ve been reviewing some pics and having a good laugh as well as entrenching some really special memories.
So thank you thank you thank you – to each and every one of you and your teams. Please also pass on my sincere thanks to Des and his crew for the most special evening on the Gorge – you really had to be there to believe it!”
Jessica – November 2017

“I feel I must just write to congratulate you on the most inspiring and just outstanding partner you have in CANSAF. We have just completed the most spectacular program for our global winners in Livingstone …all of whom have departed saying this is probably the best trip they have experienced since its inception over 9 years ago. Many of the guests are repeat winners who have been to such dazzling places as Norway, the Masai Mara, Cape Town, a cruise in the Med and India – so to receive such comments is beyond our wildest dreams.
Livingstone with all its beauty still comes with many levels of challenges, which as far as Cansaf were concerned were completely surmountable at ALL times. But through this, we have delivered one of the most successful events ever and I cannot praise and thank Robin and his very special team enough for all that they have helped us achieve.
CANSAF’s constant assistance, guidance, reassurance dare I say, and continual commitment to this client was paramount to the ultimate success that was.
They are a dream project partner – in every single way, and I thank them so very much for absolutely every minute of hard slog, ‘fighting’, negotiation and permanent smiley personas.
Robin is so hands on it is unbelievable – and particularly his commitment to the client was phenomenal. He is a great leader, his team admire and respect him and that is why they are the force to be reckoned with that they are!
However, my most special mention goes to Kylie Gates! She has been with Robin and Jo for years and she is a huge chunk of CANSAF’s success, without doubt! She is gentle, quietly inspiring, absolutely brilliant at what she does, and I could not have completed this without her, which I say from the bottom of my heart!
You should be beyond proud to have them in the Body & Soul stable – WOW!”
Lois – August 2019

Thank you so much for all your assistance on the Group.  I have received great feedback from the client, they are very happy and the franchisees loved the trip. Kylie, thanks for all your pre-planning and assistance, always great working with you. A special thanks to you TK, you were really great and nothing was ever a problem, I enjoyed getting to know you and really hope that we can work together again. Thanks again, hope to send more groups your way soooooon.
Gill – August 2019

Fuse Events are happy to endorse CANSAF as an incredibly professional, friendly and value for money service. They’re an incredible team, in 20 years in the business they’re comfortably the best DMC I have worked with anywhere in the world. The pride, passion and attention to detail the whole team takes in their work is a joy to see.
We worked with CANSAF on a long, complicated 10 day programme that covered Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, for a group of 100 with over 20 different nationalities, and it went without a hitch. We can’t wait to come back!
My advice to other event agencies and organisations visiting southern Africa – choose  CANSAF!
Matt – March 2015  

“Our group – comprised of local women in science and technology and their U.S. counterparts from leading technology companies in Silicon Valley – spent a week in Harare, Bulawayo, and Bindura, and all details were expertly managed by the Cansaf team, specifically Amanda and George. Our group of more than nearly 30 women from the U.S., Zimbabwe, and South Africa and had unique and often immediate needs that you were able to adeptly address. In particular, Amanda and George took care to adhere to the strict dietary restrictions of several group members and were able to provide ad hoc support for the group’s health and travel needs. Our guide, George, worked tirelessly to ensure each and every detail of our visit went smoothly. During his time with us, George went above and beyond the call of duty, going so far as to walk an unexpected 10km in blistering heat with 100+ women to demonstrate support for our group’s mission – all with an endlessly positive attitude and good humor. Our delegation much appreciated his upbeat and kind nature, as well as his willingness to lend a hand wherever needed, including far out of the scope of his work. Amanda, who worked closely with us to plan the delegation, deeply understood our vision for the delegation and creatively designed a program and related meals, transportation, etc. to perfectly fit our needs. She was available 24/7 and continued to address our ever-changing needs throughout our time in country. Moreover, we highly valued Cansaf’s attention to our budget and ability to work within it while providing an experience of the best quality. Cansaf was able to skillfully plan and adapt to the varied nature of our work – ranging from formal events with counterparts from the U.S. embassy and corporations to informal activities with youth. Amanda’s behind-the-scenes work ensured that all details were coordinated and George’s on-site support further guaranteed our group’s satisfaction. I offer my utmost endorsement of Cansaf’s services and would not hesitate to work with them again if the opportunity arises.
All the best,
Jillian – February 2015

A huge, huge thanks to you and all of the effort that you put into everything for myself, (Agent) and our group.  It was, as you know, a resounding success overall, and we came away with a very very happy client.  Let’s be very honest, it really did help that they were all so very lovely – it’s been a long time since I travelled with a group that I enjoyed so much, no prima-donna’s, said thank you every step of the way!  It was an awesome programme all round. I am awaiting feedback from the team, so will definitely get back to you then and await your final recon and updates.
With thanks to you Jessica, you did great!
Katie – November 2018

First off Kylie please allow me to record my heartfelt and most sincere appreciation and gratitude as well as commendation for the professional and caring manner in which you handled the project from inception, to when I took over on the 13th July 2016, during the site visit,  to the time we said goodbye at the airport on the morning of the 01 May 2017 !  As you know, I have been in the “group/incentive” game for a few years now and through these years have had the pleasure of working with many a DMC all over the world and have been blessed with the relationships I have forged with these DMCs not to mention all which I have learnt.  All these DMCs, predominantly from the Body and Soul family I might add, are excellent in their own right but some have and do stand out for me for many reasons and I need you, Robin and for that matter, CANSAF, to know that in my books,  you do standout and I thank you for this and for EXCELLENT job you do!

Thank you for your friendly and caring demeanour and for the “always being prepared to help”  attitude and for helping me with and through the toughies which came our way !  I am also just to well aware of some of the gremlins and nasties which I had to pass your way but you kept your cool, pose, professionalism and delivered !! Thank you Kylie for everything you did to help me make the trip success we wanted it to be !
Of course let me not forget the amazing Cansaf team behind the scenes; those who sometimes are forgotten but yet play a pivotal part in the play e.g.  Charity, Brillian, Takwanda, all the guides/drivers, etc. etc. to name but a few but of course there is the one and only, the man himself, Munya who was just the pillar which helped us keep it together and manage the delegates in the wonderful and professional manner which only he can and knows how !  Commendable, commendable stuff to say the least! So, please Kylie, do convey my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all the above-named and others but certainly to Munya as well. I thank them all very much for all they did.

Mr Robin Brown, there is lots I can say but if anything, you need to know that I enjoyed evert minute we were together, the chats/discussions we had,  the good laughs etc. but most important, I wish to thank you most sincerely for taking the time to be part of the ops team and for all the support and help you rendered !  I think I can count on one hand (possibly even 3 fingers) how many times I have had the pleasure of the “Boss Man” of the DMC,  working alongside his staff and myself on a project !  Just right up my alley and on my page since as you know, when I entered into the incentives / groups travel arena, many years ago,  I have always travelled with my clients and this is something which has worked for me, become part of my personal and company brands etc. and something which is certainly noticed and valued by the client. So, I salute you but most important Robin, I thank you so much for your understanding, compassion,  care and support not just on the trip but since I had the pleasure of first meeting you and shaking your hand.  You and by your wish, Cansaf as well, were right beside me throughout so as not to see me fail and therefore  please know that this attitude and demeanour and kindness has scarred my heart for good but in a good way.
Joe – April 2017

I want to thank you again for all the help you gave in making this group’s travel the success that it was. We had great feedback overall and mostly on the activities and food of the restaurants the group visited.
Reneilwe – November 2018

Just wanted to say a big Thank you for all your assistance with this group.
I really appreciate all the hard work that you did to make this a very special and memorable trip for the group.
Laetitia – May 2019

I would like to Thank Amanda Tapfumaneyi and the entire CANSAF team for their outstanding service. It’s been a great pleasure to deal with such a professional operation. My dealings with Amanda the last year been phenomenal. I believe my Swiss client will have a wonderful experience during their stay in March and Sue will take good care of them. I look forward working with you and CANSAF in the near future. Well done, you all can be proud..
Viviene – February 2017